We are a team of expert marketing and healthcare professionals with extensive understanding of Indian and global markets. Our expertise is enhanced by three plus decades of global exposure in healthcare, engineering technology and IT sectors. We partner with small and medium size global healthcare product companies to offer a 3600 marketing solution in India.

We have an evolved and professional network of doctors and distributors within India. We offer well synergised facilities for market research, product marketing, servicing & maintenance, import related management and financial planning. Our approach goes way beyond being dealers or distributors. We establish strategic partnerships with companies to offer all solutions they need for marketing their products. We are focused on long-term relationships and work with a comprehensive business plan. We also work backwards to understand niche needs in healthcare industry and evolve or search solutions that fit. We have a special interest in niche hi-tech medical devices with innovation in design or features; especially so in the areas of IVF, oncology and neurology.


To ensure that new and advanced technology for ‘Good Health’ can reach the emerging markets seamlessly.


To be the most convenient and effective link between hi-tech, innovative – small and medium size meditech companies and their markets; more specifically, markets in India.


Kavita’s journey from a Medical Counsellor to Bonne Santé Managing Partner was charted by her tryst with breast cancer. Being on the other side of the table was an eye opener which gradually got her an insight into the healthcare sector from a different perspective. She decided to work on a plan that could fill in a lot of blanks that had become evident in the course of her long treatment ordeal.

“It felt like I was back in school, as I began to read more and more about the way the healthcare industry works. I also realised that at times cutting-edge treatment options which are say less-invasive or more effective often take time to reach India. This is not because the Indian market is not ready for them; but rather because many good ideas are getting researched and developed in small and medium scale set-ups which do not have marketing reach. This is true for India and for Europe. Many of these ideas and innovations not only improve results medically, but also allow more affordable solutions. I felt that there must be a reason why I have suddenly become privy to so much exposure and realisation. I am now firmly on the path to establish the much needed connection between niche healthcare needs and niche technological inventions. I am fortunate to have a very qualified, experienced and dedicated team to work with me.”


Dr. Chitkala’s ideas and maturity surpass her youthful 24 years. An Occupational Therapist from India’s premier G.S. Medical College, Chitkala is keenly interested in new techniques and treatments of cure. It is her interest in innovation and search for betterment of techniques through technology that brought her into the fold of Bonne Santé as a Managing Partner with Kavita Dhupkar.

Having studied and worked with India’s most popular government hospital, she is only too aware of the need to continuously upgrade and innovate in real time. This can ensure that new knowledge translates into concrete benefits for patients in a short span. What Chitkala is also adding to the table, is an extremely unorthodox approach, an approach which characterises much of young India in present times.

“No matter which field you are in, you can see the all-pervading influence of technology. I am always amazed to see how much impact even small upgrades or innovations have on my patients. Through Bonne Santé, we plan to multiply these benefits; for I have seen that what may appear as a small technology function to the world, often becomes a life-transforming tool for my patient.”